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I like the idea of sometimes starting on page one with just an idea or a character, but these  questions might help with the  rewrite.  Who is it about? Is there a visual metaphor for a philosophical question to begin the story?  What do they want? Why can't they get it? What do they do about that? Why doesn't that work? How does it end?


A great series based on Michael Connely's novels. I just read where another series based on Bosch after serving in the LAPD is coming to IMDB tv soon. Good for them...and fans.

Screenplay Software A great article on FD vs Celtx...and I agree. If you're serious about screenwriting, FD is the way to go. If you're a beginner, or broke, or just curious, Celtx. If you progress in screenwriting, upgrade to FD.

If You Have a Book

I always felt comfortable in a library or a bookstore. I was the kid that always checked out the maximum number of books at every visit. I was the one who read Moby Dick in sixth grade, though I didn't understand it until much later. I've always been a reader and love writing...when I'm finished. 


Trigeminal neuralgia...I'm  not a complainer, but there are times when have a flare-up  that it's hard not to feel sorry for myself.


We watched Land last night starring Robin Wright directed by Robin Wright and it was terrific. A great rumination on denial of loss and also guilt. Highly recommend.

80 who speak for the 20

I was rewatching one of the episodes one of my favorite TV shows the West Wing recently. This was about the re-election campaign of President Bartlett. A senator who was thinking of running as a third party candidate reminded the president how important it is for the 80 of the population's need to speak for the 20 percent who are not being heard.  A great demographic shift is coming  to this country in 2040 and the fear of that reality is driving a major party to the right-wing fringes of the political spectrum.  This happened in California  and the Republican party is now an ineffective fringe influencer but has little power. The recent petition recall of Newsom is one of the ways the Republicans  are trying to continue to be relevant without representing the majority of the voters.. Nationwide,  a similar trend is playing out.  The 20 percent must be heard, but should not overturn the will of the majority. 

Pet Peeve Part Deux

 Maybe it's just me, but what is the goal of pharmaceutical companies advertising prescription-only drugs? If you can't buy Lazipro (a made-up drug) without a prescription, why tell consumers about it. To me, the assumption is that your doctor is such an idiot that if you don't mention Lazipro as a solution to your malady, they would never think of it. Imagine this..."Doctor, it hurts when I do this," as I lift my arm. "I think I need Lazipro." "My goodness, Dr. Feelgood says, I would never have thought of that on my own. Yes, Lazipro for you," they say, grabbing their prescription pad. How many millions of dollars are wasted or could be used to lower the cost of insulin if only the hundreds of commercials for prescription-only drugs stopped?


Five months to go

Mare of Easttown

Personal and family connections complicate enforcement for small-town law officers, epitomized by lone Easttown detective Mare Sheehan. The murder mystery is secondary to the "sub-plots" involving Mare's winning shot in a basketball tournament and family conflicts. She's called Lady Hawk by the locals, harking back to her history and fame. She begrudgingly answers to the name, but soldiers on, hoping to make Easttown, the place she loves, a better place.  Mare's star is falling as the failing search for two missing girls dogs her. She feels every slight of her abilities but trods on, day-by-day, in hopes of finding the girls. And then, another young girl is found dead. No spoilers from me, but IMO, the murder is more an excuse and less an actual mystery to be solved so that Mare might find solace for the sad and horrible events of her life. The great thing about a small town is that everyone knows everyone else. The horrible thing about a small town is that