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Showing posts from December, 2021

Funny doesn't hurt

Some of the greatest comedies involve horrific violence in cartoon form where the coyote is completely smashed two bits and then bounces back and begins his next routine. That's comedy. The new mcgruber series on peacock breaks that particular notion into a million pieces. Profane and also very gory. Is it still a comedy? I laughed. But I'm curious as to whether anyone else finds it funny.


A new movie by the great director Joe carnahan is always a reason to celebrate. Great leads and also a terrific script in this very limited location movie. Check it out even though it's rather gory and also lots of profanity. And it's funny.

A New Year

Given the way last year went maybe we should cross our fingers and hope for the best this next year. With vaccines and a booming economy there's a good chance that 2022 will do really well for us.

The Card Counter

I get it. Schrader writes men pushed to the outside and who are willing to do what is necessary.  I wish this one would have been structured differently. Good but not great. First Reformed , better.


This biopic of Aretha Franklin is wonderful in exposing the creative process of making music and records. And a heartfelt story of struggle and the ability of people to overcome their demons.