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Bad Things Happen to Good People

 The recent floods in Nashville make me wonder about why bad things happen to good people. A friend I used to work with almost lost his wife, his cats and his life because of the recent floods. I'd like to think that there is some logic to things happening like this but I don't think that is the case. There are times though that it makes me think that maybe disaster happens so that the people that feel like they would like to make a difference can.

Flooding 2021

 It's hard not to remember the floods of 2010 when we have as much rain as we had this past weekend. The destruction of the uprooting of people's lives is just heartbreaking and is so hard for us to accept. Nashville has been through a lot in the last year especially and I know that we will make it through. It's hard though.

Two shots no prob so far



 Thunderstorms moving through the Mid-State tonight. Could be the possibility of some tornadic activity which means we have to be on the lookout and prepare to hide in the downstairs bathroom.

Elmer Gantry

An Oscar winning role for Burt Lancaster in this 1960 film. I was told that my new script had some elements of this particular movie and common and I decided that I would review it since it had been several years since the last time I saw it. Still holds up still compelling still great twist and turns and a great emotional ending.

Stormy Day

Stormy Day in Music City The potential for hazardous weather hangs over the mid-state like a thick, gray, fog. In the past, days like these have produced high winds, flooding, and even tornadoes. There's a family story about one such twister that killed everyone in my grandmother's family, except her, surviving as a toddler. The large family was found by authorities tied to the supporting pole and stove in the center of the small, one-room shack. My grandmother was discovered wandering and in shock near the site of the tragedy.  That story, and other family lore, inspired me to take up pen and paper at a very young age in hopes of helping me understand the vicissitudes of life and on a deeper level, myself. I think most artists take up this quest in hopes that someday, somehow, events of tragedy and sorrow will make sense.

Writing Advice

Writing Advice There are great books of writing advice on the market. Stephen King's comes to mind for overall helpfulness. Congrats Steve. Lajos Egre and his The Art of Dramatic Writing is great. As is Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey. But for me, the best is still Aristotle&#


Loglines Gettysburg by Morning (Novel) A patriotic young woman delivers a stirring speech after the attack on Fort Sumter, inspiring her brother to enlist in the Union army but, when he decides not to fight, she takes on his identity and serves on the front line. Accepted for publication by Addison and Highsmith in the Fall of 2021.  A Shadowland Investigation (Novel and Screenplay versions) A Nashville homicide detective solves a double murder with help from the ghost of the daughter he didn’t know he’d fathered.  Creation's Fire (Novel and Screenplay versions) Finalist in the SFK Novel writing contest 2016. Finalist Peter Taylor Novel writing award 2001, semi-finalist 2003. Was accepted for publication with Online Originals of London 2000. (Contract negotiations failed). Clay Sloan begins a spiritual journey by climbing a tree to see “what it’s like to be God” his story ends as a defrocked minister finally making peace with his gay, former action-star dying father.   Judge Fogg