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The Wonder

 This new Netflix movie from a novel by Emma Donoghue focuses on the heartbreaking practice in the 19 th century of young girls starving themselves in hopes of attaining atonement. Parents and religious leaders saw this as proof that their beliefs were so powerful that sacrifice was acceptable. Unfortunately, religious fervor continues to drive people to infuriatingly painful decisions. This film is well made with beautiful cinematography and stunning performances. Well worth your time and attention.

The Farm has a release date

  My new novel comes out on November 21, 2023. Check it out. #gettysburgbymorning #books #bookstagram #booktok #bookreview #bookrecommendations #historicalfiction #literaryfiction #southernhistory #southernliving #abortion # #womensrights #womenshealth

Enola Holmes 2

 In this second outing based on a series of books, Enola takes on her second case, this time with even more involvement with big brother Sherlock. There are some wonderful moments between Brown and Cavill with palpable chemistry between the players. Dare I say it's even better than their first outing. Yes.