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Writing as Self Hypnosis

 I read a quote from Stephen King the other day, and I agree entirely with him. He said that performing his pre-writing ritual, breakfast, and a pot of tea allows him to access his imagination as if he were in a trance. Does it work that way for everyone? I think it does. For myself, there was a time when I had to have loud rock music playing in the room or on headphones to give me a sense of rhythm and energy. Later, I switched to classical music, and now the room is mostly quiet. Does the evolution of my process mean anything? I don’t think so. Artists change over their careers, and their process changes too. We all have our rituals to get us in the mood. While there may be a need to sacrifice some coffee beans or alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal as long as you’re not hurting anyone or anything, do it. 

Barry's Back

 The super dark sitcom Barry is back on HBO Max. The last come fast and furious but don't forget the main character is a diabolical Hitman trying to change his life. Very very very dark and sometimes very very very very funny.

Part Four of One Way to Write Your Story

 You've studied, read, and found authors you like; now, it's time to get busy and start. I've found it helpful to produce a single word or sentence about the theme/question/issue before I get started. Some people decide what the story is about after they finish. It works either way, and the only way to find out what works for you is to try different methods. James Patterson, a very successful and productive best-selling author, claims that making a detailed outline for your novel is the best way to organize your thoughts and story. So do J.K. Rowling, E.L. Stein, and John Grisham. They're Plotters. Best-selling novelists Margaret Atwood, Pierce Brown, and Stephen King are writers who plop down in front of their keyboards and start typing. They're Pantsers, writing by the seat of their pants. Obviously, either method works, but only trial and error will determine what you like best. Also, if you're writing screenplays or television, it's vital that yo