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Army of Shadows

Finishing up the nineteen sixty-nine classic. Extraordinary performances And terrific writing. This is a film that had lost favor over the years but was recently found and re-released. Check it out.


For me, a story's genre is like a painting's frame. The story fits into the frame and meets the expectations of the viewer. You won't see a portrait or landscape if you're in a gallery featuring abstract work. But, if you do, you'll notice something added to or taken away from that depiction. However, the frame around the picture could be similar.   Like the contents of the picture, framed by the viewer's expectations, most stories can fit into a specific genre. Go to a bookstore, and you'll see books shelved under different levels. Some stories are not as easy to classify and cross genres, like a Romance with Comedic elements. There are Horror stories with Thriller elements, etc. Here are some of the genres available to storytellers. A loose definition of genre is a category that groups novels with similar themes, tones, or styles. Choosing a genre can help novelists meet their readers' expectations and follow some conventions and guidelines for the